Liquid Glacial Stool (2015) - ZHD x David Gill Gallery


ZAHA HADID DESIGN will unveil its first showcase in Australia at DENFAIR 2019 in Melbourne, showcasing the studios’ exploration of material and scale. With each new design for the collection, ZAHA HADID DESIGN continues Zaha Hadid’s inventive methodology and process; sharing Hadid’s story and its significance within the dialogue of contemporary design.

A portfolio encompassing 40 years of design research and experimentation is expressed in pioneering designs for lighting, furniture and finishes:

-The MOON SYSTEM Sofa and Ottoman (2007) - ZHD x B&B Italia

-The ARIA and AVIA Chandeliers (2013) - ZHD x Slamp

-The QUAD Table (2014) - ZHD x Citco

-The LIQUID GLACIAL Stools (2015) - ZHD x David Gill Gallery

-The CELLULAR Rug (2018) - ZHD x Royal Thai Carpets

In conjunction with the collaborations, the ZHD own label of design objects will also be featured and include the new SWIRL Bowl, and CELL Centrepiece.

The SWIRL Bowl (2019) in crystal glass brilliantly captures the dynamism of a liquefied vortex.  Defined by a complex geometry, the bowl features topographical shifts that ripple across its surface.  The new CELL Centrepiece (2019) in stainless steel reflects the spirit in which it was achieved; true to Hadid’s process of abstraction, the complex pattern evolves within the design that remains precise with the use of laser technology.  The centrepiece explores geometric transitions; solid to void; hexagonal to sphere; static to explosive.


Concept Sketch - Denfair Stand Design - ZHD


Centred around themes found in Hadid’s repertoire, ZHD has designed a stand that encompasses abstraction and tension; elements often conveyed within her spatial interventions.

Conceived as two continuous loops or ribbons, that intersect and peel away from one another to reveal an exaggerated perspective, the structure expresses a dynamic gesture in the intersecting and overlapping of elements that define the space.

Contrast is highlighted by the juxtaposition of the outer three-dimensional loop defined by orthogonal sides, and the inner loop, emphasised through sharp exaggerated turns.

With careful consideration of texture and materiality, objects are arranged to invite exploration.  Marble, acrylic, polycarbonate, wool and steel feature prominently and contribute to the creation of a realistic living environment.



MASTERCLASS | June 20, 3:30pm

ZAHA HADID DESIGN: Interpreting The Ordinary into Something Unexpected

In a moderated discussion, UK-based directors Maha Kutay and Woody Yao will speak about the development of the studio by Zaha Hadid from the 1980’s until present, and the impact of this process, on their first ever visit to Australia, for DENFAIR 2019.


DENFAIR - Melbourne - June 20 - 22, 2019 - ZHD Stand 410

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