SODA Studio and Everpress have united to run a new campaign to raise money and awareness for The Childhood Trust - a fundraising and grant making group working with grassroots charities to help alleviate the impact of child poverty in London.

The project has been set-up under the theme of 'santuary', with a number of London's designers, illustrators, and architectural practices creating one-off artworks that will be printed on limited edition t-shirts.

With all the designers giving their time for free, 100% of profits from the t-shirts will go directly to The Childhood Trust, helping them to support vulnerable children living in poverty in London.

Informed by Zaha Hadid's paintings for the 1992 exhibition design of 'The Great Utopia' at the Guggenheim in New York.

The t-shirt by ZHD can be purchased online until November 1st here.